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vantage pointsIt was the second time that I observed someone secretly taking a picture of their counterpart in a…View Post

vantage points

It was the second time that I observed someone secretly taking a picture of their counterpart in a…

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creating Lego instructions with a 5yr-old

Conversation with Samuel (5) during uncle-duty today:

S: We have so many Lego bricks but no building-instructions :(
Me: That’s true. Well, what do you think about making instructions ourselves based on those amazing vehicles you created there?
S: Mmh, how…

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automated feedback through emo-logging

I think that in the near future the body-logging trend will also encompass emotions (or is it already?). The nike fuelband could (easily?) be equipped with sensors for skin moisture and heartbeat (which together can be used to measure stress-level) and…

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a dog on the escalator

Today i was queueing in on an escalator behind a man with his dog. This rather little creature was a very curious and lively one. Full of enthusiasm it inspected it’s immediate surrounding – a space that hasn’t been there before. Stairs that folded up…

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the query is the new content

I look forward to see facebook graph search coming and settling into user behaviour. I think it will start “educating” users in their search-behaviour in a new way. I would imagine once it’s rolled out we’ll see quite some posts where users share…

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observations about psyche and causality

I email todo’s and notes to myself – recently i happened to grow a little thread (with myself) that collected the following moments of observations. I’d like compose a blogpost for them and close with some reflections what they might reveal :)

Coffee To…

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cloud-being and moon-rays

here’s to share two magic moments from my yester-day…

a dancing cloud-being that waved at my mum and me as we were biking through the lovely Allgäu landscape in Bavaria, Southern Germany…. what…

a slow emergence-y

this is from Kathy for me. we were together in the Social Sculpture course in Oxford (more detailed post coming soon) and we came to talk about the unfolding of entanglements, slow emergence, the…